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DO you know Autism New Jersey’s free 800.4.AUTISM Helpline receives more than 2,000 calls per year? 
About Autism
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or autism is a neurobiological disorder that affects social communication, interaction, and behavior. Individuals with autism can have difficulty: building relationships, using language, regulating their emotions, and understanding others’ points of view. 
For more information about autism, visit our
Autism Fact page.
Why is Autism Awareness important?
In April, National Autism Awareness Month, we have the platform to promote powerful messages that encourage people to accept and embrace individuals with autism as an important part of our communities. With your actions, you can make a difference.
The “DOs” of autism awareness:
  • DO share a smile
  • DO be a friend
  • DO be respectful
  • DO show compassion
  • DO ask questions 
  • DO accept individuals with autism and their families as an important part of our communities
Autism Awareness Spotlight 
Autism Awareness: Walk-a-thon

Over the span of almost 15 years, Kristi Diklich, Kerianne Morris, Kristen Lenox, Stephanie Kurp & Lisa Gast of the Sparta Schools have hosted their annual walk-a-thon in honor of autism awareness month. Not only have they thrown this event each year, but they also switch things up by including other activities such as painting nights and dress down days!
Acappella For Autism: Sing-a-thon

The students at Moorestown High School have their autism awareness efforts in tune! Each year they plan a sing-off with neighboring schools all to raise funds and awareness for autism.