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Participate in the DO-A-THON! Event is open NOW-JUNE 30th.

About the Event

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DO you know New Jersey has one of the highest
prevalence rates with 1 in 35 children diagnosed with autism?

Visit Autism New Jersey to learn more.

About the Event
Autism is a spectrum; every individual and family are affected in different ways. In recognition of all the characteristics and skills that make us all unique, we present our Do-A-Thon!
What is a Do-A-Thon?
This event is an opportunity to be YOU

  • Pick something special that you, your school, family or workplace will pledge to “Do” to better for the lives of individuals with autism in New Jersey. 
  • Register yourself or start a team -- for free!
  • Create your personalized donation page.  It’s easy, check out the fundraising tips for ideas and helpful instructions!
  • Set a date and spread the word!

Ideas for “Do-A-Thons” 

This is a fundraiser
Registration is FREE. We DO kindly request that all participants over the age of 12, pledge to raise or donate a minimum of $25.
Donations from yourself or supporters can be made right on your personalized fundraising page.

Don’t forget to check out our Fundraising Tips and let the fun begin!